Romantic Honeymoon Destination on St Lucia

By Kelly J Wilson

If a Romantic Honeymoon Destination is needed, then look no further than the Ladera Resort high in the hills between the Twin Pitons on St Lucia.

The Ladera Resort sitting in the hills about 1000 feet above the Caribbean Sea right between the Twin Pitons would make an ideal romantic honeymoon destination. A romantic luxury vacation getaway, this small luxury resort would also be a great place for a surprise and very romantic birthday idea for a couple who think they have no secrets from each other!!

A Romantic St Lucia vacation requires something a little different and the Ladera Resort can certainly supply this in spades. Its position is obviously a huge plus, and there isn’t one guest who doesn’t talk incessantly about the unbelievable views from the rooms, and the fact that the resort faces west means the sunsets and the twin Pitons together make an unsurpassed unforgettable view.

There are six villa suites and 26 suites with either a private plunge pool or villa pool, with the two bedroom hilltop, Dream Villa being top of the range with its own heated pool, and that would just make for the ultimate accommodation and the total romantic honeymoon destination.

Another frequent comment is about the fact that the rooms have only three walls at the Ladera Resort. What this means is you have a sleeping experience that makes you feel as if you are sleeping outside, although you do have a mosquito net, which in itself is romantic, a sort of ‘Out of Africa’ feeling, being at one with nature. The creature of the night do tend to invade the room, and the tree frogs can be very noisy, but all of this pales into insignificance when you see the views when you wake up and it could make a sentimentalist a bit tearful they just so out of this world.

A good romantic hotel becomes a great romantic hotel if the accommodation is right, and there is obviously no question here, although the rooms aren’t sumptious they are spectacular. The food is not only spectacular but also sumptious in Dasheene, Ladera Resort’s award winning restaurant. It has a St Lucia wide reputation not only for its food but also the panoramic view. One piece of advice is to take the all inclusive package, firstly because it will save you a ton of money, secondly because it frees you up to drink what you want, and thirdly because it makes sense to be able to eat at the best restaurant on St Lucia and not go out and find something inferior and then pay through the nose for it.

By the way the daily menu consists of locally caught fresh fish, and local grown organically fresh picked produce.

Whilst the Ladera Resort has been looked upon as a Caribbean Luxury Resort, ideal for a romantic birthday idea, or a romantic honeymoon, can you think of anywhere more spectacular to tie the knot. Imagine getting married outside on a terrace overlooking the Twin Pitons, with the glistening Caribbean far below. This could be the most perfect romantic wedding destination as well and the Ladera Resort will coordinate and arrange everything.

Check out this small luxury resort on St Lucia, it could be the romantic hotel, the luxury Caribbean resort you have been searching for.

About the Author:
Kelly Wilson runs St Lucia Vacation Spots as well as being a contributor on occasions to Worldwide Vacation Spots and he thinks it would be worth your while to check out Caribbean Vacation Spots especially any information you can find about St Lucia.

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